Christmas Dance, Christmas, and The upcoming New Year.

     After much anxiety (both for Joey and myself), Joey attended his first semi formal dance. I was so proud to watch him do another milestone in a young persons life. As with most schizo-affective people, Joey has  problems completeing daily living skills including taking a shower. On the day of the dance not only did Joey take a bath, but he did so without even being asked. I helped him fix his hair. He was so grown up in his suit. He was on his best behavior. He needed to be reminded very few times about what was socially acceptable. He went to the dance with his sister and her friends. They were wonderful with him and helped him be comfortable in the crowd. He even got his first slow dance as a girl in his class asked him to dance. He was so excited he talked about it over and over again for 3 days.

Holidays are always rough around here. Joey does so much better on a schedule and during the holidays those schedules go right out the window. Christmas Eve we had some extended family over for dinner and so that the kids could have christmas together. The way our families work is I have all 4 of my children on Christmas Eve and then thier fathers get them Christmas Day. We have been doing it this way for years since my family always did things Christmas Eve together and my ex’s families do thier gathering on Christmas Day. Anyways… So Christmas Eve went over well. Joey recieved a tracphone, a remote control car, a 8 gb flash drive for his videos, an mp3 video player, Night in The Museum 2 DVD, and Axe body wash and body spray. He loved everything. He got a cheap cell phone for 2 reasons.. One if he loses it Im not out a lot of money and 2 he never uses the phone for some reason so we are gonna use it as therapy. Joey and I made a deal I would upgrade his cell to a nicer one if he keeps track of it and does his chores to keep minutes on it. I am hoping the cell will give him more confidence in answering the phone and to use the phone to call others. His Mp3 video player was yet another coping skill we utilize. His other mp3 broke so I needed to replace it.. So as a present I upgraded it to include videos. I have learned over the years to try to make Christmas and birthday presents double as coping skills. Since coping skills play a huge part of our lives it only makes sense to get him the best that I can afford. So Christmas in Joey’s eyes was a huge success.
We are now facing the new year and what surprises we have in store for us. We have been working on our goals and thinking about past achievements. Its a time to be reflective and hopeful at the same time. Its a time I take every year to remind my children that dreams are important in your life. You need something to reach for. Dreams can be big or small. So take time to Dream and remember anything is possible if you try.


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