New Year Means New Beginnings Again.

2013 is here and with it comes new goals and dreams. Every year the kids and I make new goals for the following year. We never seem to stay on tract to the new goal though. With Joey, those goals are often thrown out within the first week. So this year I decided I will try something new. I still made goals for myself but for the family I decided we would have one goal a month to achieve an ultimate goal for the year. This way if we have to repeat a small goal because things go haywire one month, we don’t totally miss the goal for the year.
I am hoping that by posting our family goals as well as my personal goals it will give us another “person” to be accountable to and give us added incentive. In the past being accountable only to ourselves there was no joy for achieving a goal and no disappointment really in not achieving it either. I also want to show others that even with disabilities children can help set goals and achieve them as individuals and as families.
So here is our ultimate family goal for 2013. Our ultimate goal is to have family harmony in our living environment. By that we mean that by 2014 we will have a workable family schedule everyone is following, there will be limited fighting, and that everyone will be responsible for his/ her actions and jobs within the family. Now to obtain the ultimate goal at the beginning of every month we will set one goal we wish to obtain to help us get to the bigger one. So for the month of January our goal is that everyone follows the chore chart and does their chore daily without more than 2 reminders in a day. Please bare in mind due to the disability my child deals with goals have to be fitted to him so we added in the reminders. Every Sunday I will try to post on how we are doing towards our goal.
I have few personal goals I hope to achieve this year. One is to lose approximately 100 pounds. This goal I have been working on for a while and I am losing weight slowly. Another goal is to be self sufficient. Last year had been hard on us financially and so far this year isn’t looking any better. I am determined to find a way to earn money at home to financially take care of my family while I provide the supervision, emotional and physical help my children need from me. My last main goal is to run a smooth and orderly household. If you ever see my house or the chaos that can happen during one of Joeys episodes you would understand this goal. To many times I feel so ashamed of how my house gets when things go wrong. My hope is that if my home is fully organized and runs smoothly even during an episode things wont get to far out of hand and can be righted quickly. One goal I have is a purely fun goal and that is to save enough money to take a family vacation. My children and I haven’t had a family vacation in 9 years.
So here is to the new year and achieving those goals we have set for ourselves. Even if we do not achieve all we set out to do. at least we will be proud that we gave it a try.


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