Sometimes the hardest things

Sometimes the hardest things to do are the easiest things to do. I know a lot of people take for granted the things the do every day like going to the store or taking a walk. Recently, we met with Joey’s psych and I was praising him for taking a shower every day without being told. Every day things are sometimes the hardest things for Joey to do.
I’m still very proud of him for taking showers regularly without being prompted. Yes he is 14 and I know most 14 yrs olds this is very common and easy. Joey it isn’t so easy. He used to hallucinate that bugs and such would come out of the spigot or drain. He also saw no point in taking a shower. Some magic switch was flipped and he just started doing it. At the same time he started doing his own laundry. (He still needs help as he forgets about washing underwear and socks) The only downside to being more responsible is the more prominent random irrational thoughts. Its very hard as a parent to decide the next step when you accomplish one but lost another that he had. You have to chose your battles extremely carefully to try to even out their lives.
One of those battles is whether to conquer a lost step or just start on a new one. One step we are working on again is to get Joey to go outside to take a walk or go to a friends house. He will leave to go to the store or to school. Things he knows what the outcome is. He won’t however go to see if a friend wants to hang out or to take a walk with no purpose. His anxiety on both are to high for him to currently manage. A lot of my decisions are made on how they will affect Joey. I don’t want to purposely be the reason he loses one of his steps hes already accomplished.
Some days I feel like we take one step forward and two steps back, but when we do accomplish things its such a great feeling. I’ve learned a very important lesson over time. Its very important to take pleasure in even the littlest every day accomplishment because there is probably someone out there who is having a very hard time learning to do it.
We will keep plugging away at the every day things even if they should be easy because I know for Joey they aren’t. I will also continue to praise him on completing those task even if its the 5th time we have completed it and lost it previously. He deserves it because hes not giving up as long as he keeps trying.
My words of wisdom today is be thankful for even the easiest accomplishment because to someone else it might have been the hardest.


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