Sorry! We are closed. Mom is Sick.

Sorry! We are closed was a sign I would have loved to have all weekend and today also. I’ve been sick with a bug since Friday. Being sick and a single mother is the pits add in a schizo-affective child and its downright a nightmare.
My lovely teenage children said “Mom you can rest and sleep. We will be fine.” On Friday. I thought, “great. Maybe if I sleep a few hours and drink fluids it will go away a quickly” My children had other plans. They would wake me up for anything including to answer the phone. Now everybody but my children ,I guess, know you can’t get restful sleep waking up and going to sleep constantly. About three hours into being woken up every twenty minutes for “can I eat this?” “Do you know where .. is?” “Mom can so/so come hang out over here” and other things I got agitated and said I give up. I got out of bed and tried to start my normal Friday evening routine of cleaning up the house. My daughter rushes into the living room and says mom you look awful go back to bed. Said can’t you all keep waking me up. She walks over and says, “Mom your running a fever. I promise to take care of everything and let you rest even Joey” Her biggest mistake is saying I have a fever in front of Joey.I go lay down trusting my daughter only to have Joey show up beside my bed. He wants to take my temperature with the thermometer. I agree mainly because if I didn’t he wouldn’t go away and because it wasn’t a bad idea to know what it was. My fever was 101.5. My son freaked out saying I need to go to the doctor if it goes any higher I will die. I had to patiently explain a 101 fever wasn’t that bad. I explain you don’t worry about a fever unless its 103 or above or lasted more than a few days. He understood, but he decided to watch over me. So he played on the computer and listened to music and talked with his sister all from the end of my bed. Again No sleep did I get till he went to sleep. Saturday morning my fever was gone with use of medicine and I felt fine for about two hours. I got very tired and went back to sleep. I couldn’t wake up fully all day long. My daughter was good about trying to keep the noise down from her and Joey but my cell phone was going off like no tomorrow. I still don’t remember what I said to half the people who called. As far as I remember Joey was glued to my bed with me since he was still watching over me. Sunday I woke up late. I had the total day planned to get things ready for the next week and was behind schedule. I made it up and out of bed. Took a warm bath. Ate brunch then had a pounding headache and the pesky fever and extreme tiredness were back. I laid back down and went to sleep until my kids woke me up arguing over who was doing what and when. I settled the argument by telling them to follow the schedule. Then fell off into never never land again. The next time I woke about 5 pm the house was dark and very quiet. Everyone was asleep. I ate a little and drank lots. then feel asleep woke up at 8pm from son saying If I didn’t get up and make him dinner he would starve. (Hes always so dramatic) I made chili and we ate and watched a movie before we went back to sleep.
This morning I woke up feeling a little better. I actually ventured around my house to wake kids up for school and I wished I just stayed in bed. My house was trashed. No one around here knows how to pick up after themselves. I still don’t feel well and I know Im gonna regret it, but I’m attacking the house while the kids are in school so that its back up to my standards. That is if people would stop calling me or knocking at my door.


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