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Why is it?

Its been a while since I was last able to blog. One thing after another kept me from having the ability or time, which is how it goes in this household at times. Currently we are in Joey’s manic phase. Our entire family hates the manic stage. Life is extremely difficult currently in all aspects. We never know when Joey might explode and be dangerous. His medicines really aren’t helping either. He is back to hearing things and seeing things. While we have been dealing with this, I have been working on getting some financial assistance because things are tight and lots of disconnect notices, but I keep running into Catch 22’s. I was planning on trying to work third shift but due to Joey’s unstable situation that possibility is no longer an option. I went searching for help, but most groups are out of funds. I have gotten told a few times that if I was working they would help, because they are non-profit to help low-income working households. I could go back to house cleaning and picking up clients for the hours Joey is at school, but that requires a car. The newest Catch 22… I need money, to get money requires working, working where I live requires a car to get anywhere, to get a car you need money….to get money one needs to work, to work one needs a car, to get car you need money.. See the catch?
So anyways the situation I’m in has made me look outside the box. I think I’ve looked at every idea online I could find. I found myself, during my search, looking things up for additional support for families with mentally ill children and couldn’t really find anything. Its like, it’s a blemish on society and should be ignored and forgotten so maybe it will just disappear all together. While people talk about mental illness and realize the dangers of untreated mental illness, people still think the mentally ill can just quit being mentally ill and that those same patients are just lazy as is there caretakers. They don’t see the trials and tribulations that families and caretakers face or that some of these patients seek help and are undertreated. Example My son has a wonderful psychatrist and casemanagers. He has been part of an awesome practice called Intensive Youth Service, but as much as they help we still run into a lot of problems. Insurance company not wanting to pay for certain meds or the way the doctor wants the medicine delivered. The IYS group program that taught my son how to manage in group settings was discontinued due to no funding and insurance companies deemed group sessions were not necessary. We are on so many waiting list for help. Some of those waiting list are for help financially (one has a 9 year waiting list), but majority is waiting list to get into programs that are designed to help with daily living skills, socialization, and other problematic areas. Majority of these programs have very little funding which means they can only serve a few patients at a time.
Maybe that mentality of society on mental illness is based because of television and journalism. The only time you see anything on tv news or in journalistic papers and magazines is if one of the thousands mental illness people do something horrific then the news is lit up for a very short time. Or if something major happens in a facility. I’ve noted the news and even government arguing about stricter gun laws.. why not get more knowledge and support about mental illness? Why argue one issue but not another issue with the same intensity? Only time I know of that you get a little sense of mental illness is on tv dramas, but those are fiction and so no one takes them seriously. Why do daytime talk shows, like Maury, always produce shows about who the babies daddy is and never once mention anything about what families go through when dealing with someone with Mental illness. Mental illness entails a whole lot of different diagnosis, but I bet the majority only think of a few because the only exposure they have had is about the severity of a limited number of conditions. I just wondered why does society want to make it harder on families dealing with a mentally ill family member so that the family in general fails, but wants to uplift on national tv who’s the baby’s daddy? (side note I watch Bones and I applaud the writers who actually use the psychologist “Sweets” to accurately describe some mental illness out there throughout the show)
Maybe dealing with my son’s condition every day makes me view things differently. Maybe this is a way to vent. Whatever it is, there is still a problem with how others view mental illness and a problem with society not caring that those same families, caretakers, and the mentally ill are struggling just to have the basics of daily living. They don’t see how so many lose their Quality of Life because they struggle to do everything themselves to make sure their loved ones are taken care of.